Jürgen Artmann and Markus Voß found Accso. With many years of experience between them, their dream is to build a powerful mid-size technology company, with a special ‘spirit’.  


Like-minded people soon joined the team. Seasoned experts contribute their experience, as do ‘young guns’, who want to develop their skills in projects that are methodologically and technologically exciting. The team of Accsonauts is growing quickly.  


Everyone in the team works together towards the success of our many projects. We work closely with customers from various industries, to develop customised solutions. In the process, we often venture into galaxies that no one has ever seen before. Unbenannt-1


YOUR Challenge is OUR Challenge

That is our mission. Accordingly, we work together with our clients to find solutions. And we want to share your challenge too.  

Complex tasks inspire us. We believe that they are best solved through collaborative partnership, in which everyone contributes their particular strengths. We make your challenges, our challenges, in an enjoyable and inspirational way.  

Of course, it’s about WHAT we do for you. We are results-oriented and you need to be convinced by the solutions that we develop with you. HOW we get results is also important. Customer feedback shows that this plays a deciding role in customer satisfaction. We know that it’s not just our professional and technical knowledge that determines our success, we always place particular value on the way we work together. Accso is both agile, flexible and easy to work with, as well as open, honest and transparent. Work with us, you’ll enjoy it!  

Our team is what sets us apart 

First and foremost, it’s our team that defines Accso. Employees at Accso are excellently trained and highly motivated, with strong domain, technical expertise and friendly personalities. Many have extensive experience dealing with individualised customer projects in a multitude of areas in the software industry. We tailor your team to your needs. This could range from one or two domain experts, to a large well-balanced team of Accsonauts. We will ensure you get the best mix of expertise and personality on your project.  

We are people orientated 

We put people first, not just our Accsonauts, but our clients’ employees too. We know that success is defined by people, especially in the consulting and project industry. People want to work hard and be appreciated for their successes. They want honest and transparent communication and to make their own decisions. It’s also important to build team spirit and a feeling of trust in each other.  


We accept everyone just the way they are.   

Accso stands for fairness, tolerance and equal opportunities. This starts with the selection of our Accsonauts, where origin, gender identity, age, religion, sexual orientation or disability play no role. In fact, the more diverse we are, the better – we believe that diversity enriches our Accso family. Our focus is on personality, potential and the aspiration to solve new challenges as part of a team. 


This is how we achieve success: we create an environment orientated towards the needs of our team of specialists, who then take on big challenges and deliver top results.  



How visions
Become reality


That’s our vision. Accso is THE go-to specialist for complex, individual IT solutions. This has been our focus since we founded the company, and we strive to continually improve and develop our expertise in this field.  

Methodology and Technology

We are constantly improving our methodology. Using BeST practice and our knowledge management system, our engineers can leverage a vast resource of methodological knowledge. This enables them to answer questions such as: How do you effectively identify requirements and solutions? What defines a good architecture? How do you deliver a project successfully? We have well-proven solutions to all these questions – this is what we call BeST practice. However we don’t stand still for a moment, we continuously evaluate the latest trends in software engineering. We quickly integrate promising approaches into our actual project work, whilst continually evaluating the new findings.  


At the same time, we put an equal focus on modern technologies. Technology evolves quickly, and we invest not only in keeping up with important innovations, but also in assessing their relevance and maturity. We specifically decide if we want to be early adopters or early majorities of these technologies, or whether we intentionally don’t adopt the technologies at all. This enables us to integrate new technologies, not only in the appropriate customer context, but also as part of internal projects in our communities.  


Professional development and networking 

Continuous learning is essential to sustaining the success of our business. All Accsonauts dedicate one day per month towards professional development and upskilling (we budget 12 days per year). We value the individuality of each employee and accordingly, they drive this process themselves. Every person puts together their own individual development programme, comprising elements of methodology, technology and soft skill development. Furthermore, Accsonauts attend conferences and participate in workshops, as well as engage in focused self-study.  

In addition, we require our employees to network. This can be internally through our communities, or externally in the industry as well as in academic communities.  


We invest in all of the above, so that our employees are best equipped, both technically and methodologically, to take on your most complex projects. 


The Accso spirit

Our values are the stars that form our constellation. Shared values bring our vision to life – the vision of a technology company that is both highly professional and people orientated, with a special ‘spirit’. This is Accso’s purpose.